Monday, October 14, 2013

Why Tell Stories

    The other day I was sitting with my almost 4 year old niece and nephew. I was trying to comfort one of them after they got hurt and so I began to tell them stories. I began to recall memories of when their dad (my brother) and I were little. I told them of the time he accidentally closed a door on my foot and about the games we used to play. It comforted them and it made them laugh. As I think about this sweet encounter with two of my favorite little ones, I am almost brought to tears. Good tears, happy tears; because this is what I love about stories. This is why I desire to capture what memories I can through photos and journals. This is why I want to help others record their stories.
     Someday I will get to sit with my kids and tell them about falling in love with their father. I love the idea of getting to share what the Lord has done in my life for generations to come. I want His love to flow through everything I do and I want to be a reminder of the faithfulness of the Lord. This is what memory-keeping does. This is story-telling. There is so much power in our stories.
    We have a responsibility to generations to come. We have a responsibility to ourselves. If we don't find ways to share our stories, we leave pages out of the greater story that God desires to tell. The Lord desires for us to pass down stories of His faithfulness. We are to tell others about who He is and I believe that the greatest way of doing this is by recording what He has done. I want to leave my story for my children and my grandchildren to read.
     I cherish the moments I get to sit with my niece and nephew and tell them of the greatness of the Lord. This is my desire; this is my passion.

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